Who we are

HiWeiss GmbH/srl is an innovative start-up that, for a specific corporate purpose, carries out applied research in order to develop, produce and market new protein products, isolated and concentrated, from vegetable raw materials, also produced in a controlled supply chain, where innovation, process and product, includes the enhancement of co-products and energy recovery in a context of circular bio-economy.


To produce healthy, high-quality protein isolates that respect the environment and the farmer and the final consumer. Our mission is to contribute to improving people's health by providing a healthy and quality product, capable of enhancing the work of the farmer.


We want to contribute to making the farmer the main actor in the supply chain process, involving him in a process of value creation capable of adequately enhancing the work. The farmer leaves the field to evolve and actively participate in the process of transformation of a raw material that is transformed into quality products.